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My Curriculum Vitae


Individual Particulars

name:................Max-Reinhard Hahn
birthday:............March 19th, 1965
place of birth:....Gardelegen
place of living:...Bitterfeld
marital status:... married
children:............1 daughter †

Max-Reinhard Hahn

Places of living, working and relaxing

I was raised at a small village (Güssefeld) in the rural "Altmark" region of Germany. After finishing form 10 at school I moved to Dessau - my official residence up to summer 2000. Due to my postgraduate studies I became an inhabitant of Suderburg near Uelzen in the federal state of Niedersachsen then. When I got a job in Baden-Württemberg I moved to Mühlacker in 2004, but returned to the federal state of Sachsen-Anhalt in 2007, in particular to Bitterfeld. Furthermore I like to stay in London or other nice places on earth.

School/Apprenticeship/Military service

1971 - 1981attended the Polytechnical Primary/Secondary School II Kalbe/Milde, Germany
1981 - 1983attended the Works Vocational School "Bertolt Brecht" at the NOE DHW Rodleben (Germany), professional training in chemical production,
specialization subject: agents (pharmacy)
05/84 - 10/85basic service in the National People's Army
11/85 - 08/86obtained the eligibility for university studies at the former Engineer's College Köthen, Germany

Higher education/Other qualifications

09/86 - 09/90Studies in process engineering at the Engineer's College resp. Technical University Köthen, Germany (w/o graduation at that time)
05/94 - 09/99Studies in process and environmental engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Anhalt, department Köthen, Germany.
Tutor of my graduation: Prof. Dr. R. Sperling.
Topic of thesis: "Speed measurements by Laser-Doppler-Anemometry in batch containers and ascertainment of hydrodynamic variables of chosen agitators"
03/00 - 08/03attended the postgraduate study programme "Material Flow Management" at the University of Applied Sciences Nordostniedersachsen, Germany (tutor: Prof. Dr. M. Braungart; no graduation possible due to closure)
10/07/2000Certification as a commissioner for quality according to ISO 9000
10/00 - 11/05attended the remote postgraduate study programme "Applied Computing in Civil Engineering" at the University of Lüneburg, Faculty for Technology and Environment in Suderburg, Germany (formerly University of Applied Sciences Nordostniedersachsen) - Master qualification (no graduation possible due to closure)
22/11/2000Certification for obtained expertise in safety and health protection for works in contaminated areas
15/10/2005obtained a licence for driving a fork-lift truck, refreshed in January 2010
10/08 - 04/09attended the postgraduate course "Computer Science for Nanotechnology and Image-Generating Measuring Procedures" at LernKontor GmbH Halle/Saale; internship done at VITA 34 AG, BioCity, Leipzig, Germany.
Topic of thesis:"Testing of devices for the later application in the laboratory"
Document: Certificate
08/09 - 10/09Course in SAP R/3 with TutorWIN ™ software package
Document: Certificate
09/07/2011Test of English for International Communication ™ (TOEIC®)
Document: Certificate

  26. June - 04. July 2008: Attending an assessment center for becoming an operator in the solar industry at Teutloff Bitterfeld-Wolfen, initiated by ARGE SBG II of district Anhalt - Bitterfeld (Result: restricted availability due to limited health state caused by a slipped disk gotten at work as a production helper in Baden-Württemberg 2007).

Document: Certificate of Attendance

Profession-related jobs

06/83 - 07/83occupation as an operator at the NOE Gärungschemie Dessau, Germany (barium and strontium salts department)
08/83 - 05/84occupation as an operator at the NOE DHW Rodleben, Germany (pharmacy department), from 01/84 apprentice tutor
01/92 - 03/92worked at the municipality-owned swimming pool Dessau (technical dept.)
03/92 - 05/94commissioner for pollutants collecting centres at the Local Waste Authority / City of Dessau, Germany (helped out as a student up to 02/98)
07 - 12/2000worked for the International Women's University (a project of the EXPO 2000 at the Suderburg University / computing dept., service center and documentation)
03 - 08/2001Scientific assistent of Prof. Dr. B. Urban (subject Soil Sciences/Biology at the University of Applied Sciences Nordostniedersachsen, Dept. Suderburg, Germany)
04/01 - 03/02Network tutor for the students residence in Suderburg, Germany
06 - 08/2002Internship at Engineering office "Angepasste Wasser- und Abwasserkonzepte" Uelzen, Germany
07 - 09/2003helped out as a student at Exxon Mobil Production Deutschland GmbH, natural gas minig plant Unterlüß, Germany (documentation of piping for ultra sonic measurement protocols; implementaion of the new Operations Integrity Management System)
05 - 08/2004Test engineer and shift supervisor in the Equipment Qualification Center of the Quality Management dept. at STEAG HamaTech AG in Sternenfels (Germany)
09/04 - 05/05worked as an officer for quality safety and personell coordination for Randstad at different metalworking factories in the Enz District (Baden-Württemberg), from Oct. 2004 foreman at Tyco Electronics Pretema GmbH in Niefern
11/05 - 01/06worked for Badenia at Helmut Klingel CNC Zerspanung GmbH in Pforzheim
03/06 - 01/071-Euro-Job at the Board of Works of Local Authority Illingen (Baden-Württemberg) for "infrastructure issues"
01/07 - 03/07worked for ZAG at Geissel GmbH in Mühlacker-Lienzingen
04/07 - 07/07worked for DIS AG at IAVF Antriebstechnik AG, Karlsruhe and Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH in Remchingen-Wilferdingen
08/07 - 09/07worked for Manpower as an operator at Tricat GmbH Catalyst Service Bitterfeld
02/10 - 02/11working as an officer for process engineering and production at amynova polymers GmbH, Bitterfeld-Wolfen. Report with picture (published in newspaper "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung", Sep. 01, 2010)

Other knowledge

languages: German and English fluently, some Russian
IT: Windows 3.11 to 2000/XP/7, Linux, MS Office 2000, MS Project,
Paint Shop Pro 5, programming languages Turbo-Pascal, HTML
JavaScript and Java (Fortran90 and C++ basic knowledge,
as well as Unix, SQL),
ERP system software (SAP R/3, Baan),
Personell administration software PsiPenta,
Geographical Information Systems (GIS),
Web mastering and design
Private study travels to Vietnam, Israel, Kingdom of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Kenya, Great Britain

  Since Oct.09, 2000 I am an honorary member of the NGO WINS  (Women's International Network for Sustainability).

Professional interests

Chemistry, renewable energies, information technology, sustainable development, process engineering, quality management, REFA, education/MINT, human resources, public relations/marketing

Private life/Personal interests

Healthy lifestyle, renunciation of addictives;
traveling, to get to know about other cultures, interior and foreign affairs,
since August 2009 member of a democratic party,
engagement for democracy and human rights (a.o.t. honorary polling officer),

hon. member of the founding board of "Competence Centre Nanotechnology and
MINT Professions Sachsen-Anhalt reg. association"

reading books (esp. non-fiction books and science fiction published in the former GDR), photography, Internet, webmastering, social networks,
listening to music (80ies, Reggae, Soul, Electronics,
House Music, African, temporary music
from China, Japan und Vietnam, Rai, Indie ... )

My example persons

Rupert Neudeck

Klaus Töpfer

Hoimar von Ditfurth

John Peel

Josephine Baker

Eugen Drewermann

Nelson Mandela

Malcolm X


My motto

Lyrics of a song written by Lena Fiagbe:     You come from Earth
We were just upon this planet
to love and help each other
at least I think that's the way God planned it
why then hurt your brother
You come from Earth
Sister or Brother
You come from Earth
Whatever colour
We are all just one creation
Earthlings one and all
and if you were to meet an Alien
all that he would know is
You come from Earth
Sister or Brother
You come from Earth
Whatever colour
Tearing us apart
It's not too late to stop this madness
Open up your heart
Or is it fate then
For us to hate and
Create our own destruction
Or to kill the planet
Til everyman is
Pulled down with the suction
No it don't matter
Whatever colour you are
You come from Earth
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